Who is Caring for Cambodia?

Caring for Cambodia (CFC) is a non-profit, non-governmental, charitable organization that provides a free education for over 6,400 impoverished children in 21 schools spanning pre-school to high school. CFC professionally trains its Cambodian teachers, and provides everything a child needs to succeed, including food, water, uniforms, school supplies, computers, transportation and basic healthcare. CFC is run entirely on volunteer support, which ensures that every dollar raised directly supports the education of a child.

Why Caring for Cambodia?

  • Because when we make a difference to the life of one child, we make a difference to the life of an entire community
  • Because CFC is a grass-roots organization, helping Cambodians to help themselves
  • Because we run on volunteer support, keeping administrative costs to those that directly impact our schools
  • Because it is achievable, we have the support of the Cambodian Government and we are invested in helping this country educate the next generation
  • Because it is the forgotten genocide

Where do the donations go?

Funds raised go directly towards paying for costs incurred in running our schools in Siem Reap. These expenses include:

  • The construction of new school buildings
  • The maintenance and operating costs of existing buildings
  • Teacher salaries, training, and teaching supplies
  • Health and Dental needs for our students (toothbrushes, eyeglasses, soap, first aid kits)
  • Bicycles (so the children can get to school)
  • The purchase of school uniforms (mandatory in Cambodia)

What do you need?

We collect specific donations that are necessary to support our programs. These are items that we may take for granted, but Cambodians see as luxurious, for example toothbrushes, soap or first-aid requirements. Please take time to look at our Calendar of Giving (insert link to kid’s page) to see if you can help us by donating items that we need.

If you are located in Singapore please contact us regarding collection points. If you are located outside Singapore we would kindly ask if you could arrange shipping at your own cost to Singapore, and our team will arrange its transport to Cambodia. In both instances please contact us (link to contact form) for more information.

How do you train your Cambodian Teachers?

In addition to the educational requirements mandated by the Government of Cambodia for teachers, Caring for Cambodia provides an additional two-pronged approach to teacher training.

  • International Teacher Training – Teams of master teachers from international schools, such as Singapore American School and Tanglin Trust School, travel to Siem Reap to lead multi-day trainings. The focus of the training reflects Cambodia’s Ministry of Education’s priorities, but exposes our teachers to new ideas, classroom strategies, and resources.
  • Mentor Teacher Program – Mentor Teachers are Cambodian teachers from CFC schools that have shown outstanding leadership skills and a strong grasp of teaching methods. This team supports and trains their fellow teachers through on-going classroom visits and observations. Mentor teachers also lead grade-specific teacher meetings where teachers receive training that directly reflects the curriculum and share the challenges they face in the classroom, offering each other support.

How do you choose which students can attend your schools?

Attendance is selected via residential zone, and all school-age children from the local community are encouraged to register. Registration is regulated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS).

How many schools are you currently involved with?

We are involved with 21 schools in the Siem Reap province, with students ranging from pre-school through Grade 12.

What curriculum do you use?

CFC schools use the Cambodian Government, Child Friendly Schools curriculum

How is Caring for Cambodia staffed?

The Cambodian Teachers, and those managing our schools in Cambodia are paid salaries, which are partially subsided by the Cambodian Government. The rest of the team from Caring for Cambodia is pulled entirely from volunteer support.

Where are you headquartered?

While our teaching and school management staff are based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we consider Singapore, where CFC was founded, to be our Volunteer Hub. We also have active chapters in California, Washington D.C., Midwest United States and Austin, Texas and have volunteer staff scattered around the world from New York to London, Sydney and beyond.

How can I get involved?

CFC is run predominantly on volunteer support, and we appreciate any assistance to raise funds and awareness. The first step is to get in touch with our volunteer coordinator who can talk you through the different options.

In Singapore or one of our global chapters:

  • Join one of our committees: Education, Health and Dental, Logistics, Events and Marketing
  • Help us with a specific one time projects
  • Join us at our next event

Around the World

  • Become a member
  • Spread the word
  • Start a club
  • Host an event

Do something you have done before, or learn something new and make great new friends at the same time.  The smallest effort will help make a difference.  We hope to hear from you soon.

What sort of volunteers do you need?

Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. The most important attribute you need is the desire to want to help.