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Endowment Fund

In 2010 Caring for Cambodia established its Endowment Fund – launched by a generous gift from Board Member Cuong Do.

A strong Endowment Fund will anchor the financial future of our schools, and ensure that the programs we work so hard to establish today will see our students through to tomorrow.

Making a seed gift to the Endowment Fund is a long-term investment – a special way to impact the lives of thousands of Cambodian children for many years to come.

Community Board

Make our dreams come true

Book by Book, Brick by Brick, help us build our schools by making a targeted donation.

Click link below for a list of items our students and faculty struggle to purchase that are a necessity for the ongoing operation of our schools.

With global support we can build a better community today.

Calendar Of Giving

Help Us Collect School Items

We collect items that are difficult to find in Cambodia or too expensive for our teachers and students to obtain. No collection campaign can be too big or small and it is an excellent way for kids to help kids.

Contact us today for a list of suggested items.