Recent CFC Related Media Coverage

March 2016

CFC SF Gala – Piedmont Post Article March 30 2016

February 2016

CFC -2016 gala

December 2014

Glass Magazine Issue 20

In this article read about Caring for Cambodia and our mission.

September 2014

Expat Living, Singapore

In this article read about Denise and Dylan’s experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Through sponsorships their climb raised over $125,000, which allows CFC to feed nearly 7,000 kids for a year.
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June 2014

Piedmont Post, California

The CFC California chapter supports Kilimanjaro climb with empty bowls events.

May 2014

Singapore American Newspaper, Singapore

Check out page 7 to learn more about the more than 40 students at Singapore American School that learned, “service isn’t just a one-way street.”
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April 2014

Expat Living, Singapore

Check out page 155 for an update and recent developments with CFC.
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October 15, 2013

Fox International kindly donated airtime to play a Caring for Cambodia Public Service Announcement (directed by Rembrandt Films).

August 14 2013

Lehigh Sophomore founds a CFC Club at university and receives coveted internship

July 7 2013

Austin American Statesman, USA

CFC Founder and CEO, Jamie Amelio, Discusses the origins of Caring for Cambodia, and her new book, Graced with Orange.

May 19,2013

CFC designated official charity for Singapore’s Cold Storage Kids Run.

October 2012

Jackie Viens – UHS Senior writes children’s book for CFC

Inspired by a service trip where she visited CFC schools, Jackie Viens penned a children’s book, Suzie and Penny. The book draws on her experiences in Cambodia, and has been produced in Khmer and English.

April 2012

Journeys – SAS Alumni Publication, Singapore

In this article written by CFC Volunteer and Singapore American School (SAS) Parent, Karen Barnes, SAS Alumni reflect on their experiences with Caring for Cambodia and the ongoing impact of being involved with philanthropic efforts from a young age.

April 2012

Crossroads – SAS Publication, Singapore

CFC Volunteer, Kaye Bach, talks with SAS 10th Grader, Nathaniel Edds about his efforts to raise money and construct a new playground for Caring for Cambodia.

February 2012

Expat Living, Singapore

This article written by Monica Pitrelli, Based in Singapore with Expat Living was later reprinted by Expat Living, Hong Kong and the Telegraph, in the United Kingdom. This article identifies key messages that CFC has long promoted in our schools – namely that good-will intentions need to be aligned with a meaningful action to produce long-lasting impact.

February, 2012

Singapore American School – CrossRoads Magazine, Singapore

Kathleen Higgins, writes about her travels to Siem Reap over the Thanksgiving Break in November 2011 with 26 other SAS teachers to work on teacher training at CFC’s Amelio Schools.

November, 2011

Expat Living, Singapore

The collaboration between Caring for Cambodia and International Medical Clinic (IMC) has seen nearly 2,400 Cambodian children receive health screenings to date. Kathryn Sams tell us about her experience in Siem Reap.

October, 2011

Singapore American School – CrossRoads Magazine, Singapore

Kaye Bach, writes about Caring For Cambodia’s September, 2011 training visit to Singapore with nine administrators and four teachers visiting and learning from teachers at Tanglin Trust, Chatsworth, and the Singapore American School.

June 1, 2011

Expat Living, Singapore: Natalie Bastow, President, Caring for Cambodia, Asia is Interviewed

As we age, we change. The career path you chose in the past may not resonate with you today. If you’re yearning to branch out and try something new, be inspired by these five expats who have reinvented their careers – to pursue a business idea, to accommodate children and overseas moves, and to follow their dreams.

February 9, 2011

Lifestyle: Sales of New Cookbook Aid School in Siem Reap

Written by Cambodian-born American Narin Seng Jameson, Cooking the Cambodian Way covers dishes ranging from simple everyday recipes through to cuisine served at royal banquets.

December 31, 2010

Traditional Home Magazine: 2010 Classic Women of the Year Award (Jamie Amelio)

Traditional Home magazine honors six remarkable women whose exemplary and extraordinary volunteer efforts have made their communities a better place to live.

December 31, 2010

2010 Annual Report

Another year of hope fulfilled and promises kept. Years ago we said we would be back, and boy have we come back. This annual report offers you an update, and some reflections from the past year. We need to keep looking forward, to plan well and to act.

Recent Videos

Trying to Cook the Cambodian Way: Cooking Demonstration by Alex Breckon, a CFC supporter in the U.S.

Voice of America: American Students Volunteer to Build Houses in Cambodia

Voice of America: Profits for “Cooking the Cambodian Way,” a labor of love Cambodian-American Narin Jameson, Help Children in Siem Reap