Life Skills

Focusing on the Future

In the past if you asked our students what they wanted to be when they grew up, many would say teachers, tour guides, farmers or taxi drivers. In recent years, the list has become more varied. We have future scientists, professors, artists and even world leaders.

As these dreams stir in our students, it has become apparent that we need to fortify them with important life skills so that they can improve their economic situations and become active, productive members of their community. For some students that means helping them develop new strategies for farming and fishing; for others, exploring possibilities in local industries; and for the top students, preparing them for university.

Subjects Include:

Practical Livelihood

Cleaning, personal hygiene, gardening vegetables, raising fish

Workplace Readiness

Learning English, working with computers


Aspara dance


Learning leadership via student council

Work Study

Offering students the opportunity to get the experience they need to attain a job after they graduate high school or go on to a university.