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Caring for Cambodia’s supportive programs make it possible for children to attend school. According to a UNESCO study, almost a quarter of Cambodian students aged 7-14 are forced to leave school to work. Parents withdraw children from school in part because they cannot afford the cost of textbooks, transportation, uniforms, and school supplies.  CFC provides the necessary tools for children to successfully pursue education, including the most basic items: something to write with, something to wear, and two meals a day!
By becoming a CFC member, you invest in the 7,000 children currently attending our 21 schools—every child we feed, empower, and educate starts with you. You directly impact the day-to-day learning of our students.  In return, we’d like to send you a token of our appreciation to remind you of the children you are supporting and help you share the message of Caring for Cambodia with your friends and family. 
Become a member today and help to educate a generation of Cambodian children who will make a difference in Cambodia’s tomorrow.

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