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Personal Fundraisers

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Create Your Own Personal Fundraiser to Support CFC!

Peer to peer fundraisers are a wonderful way for you to explain to your friends and family why Caring for Cambodia is important to you! Be sure to open your heart and explain what makes you feel passionate about our mission.  

Share a memory or use this area to explain that, during this time of social distancing, the world has shifted and the nature of fundraising must shift with it. Luckily, with the power of technology, we can maintain, and even strengthen, the support we show to our communities both near and far. 

It is innately human to seek a sense of purpose. Creating a personal campaign to support the organization you care about most gives you a chance to do something small, but make a big impact. You can spread the word about Caring for Cambodia and get your friends and family to rally behind a cause close to your heart. 

Share this page with friends and family members. Scroll down to get started (select “Create a Fundraising Page”),

Consider an activity that increases the impact of your page: run a 5K in your town, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, bake cookies, design a haunted house, run a marathon, host a party, or design and sell jewelry. These are all ideas that creative CFC supporters have turned into realities through our personal fundraising program.

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CFC Logos for Download

The logos below may be used with permission, please contact us via e-mail for information on logo use. 

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