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What We Do



Libraries are where young learners break the cycle of illiteracy that contributes to poverty for many families in Cambodia. CFC’s libraries encourage learners through group activities, book-borrowing, and special programs.

Five primary school libraries, two junior high, and two high school libraries serve 7,000 students from PK-12th grade. The Library Coordinator and her staff train with international teachers and set up programs to promote reading in the library and at home.

How do we do this?

  • Regularly scheduled library classes for each grade
  • Trained full-time librarians at each school, increasing student access and quality of library-use
  • Parents and families come to community reading events
  • High school library research program, the first of its kind in Siem Reap
  • Planned library purchasing, ensuring growth of reading materials

Seeing Results

  • Busy libraries where students borrow books they would otherwise be unable to read
  • Library use increase across the nine libraries at CFC schools
  • Local CFC communities are beginning to invest through buying books for the libraries
  • Approximately 250 adults utilize CFC libraries each year

Goals for the Future

  • Increased community support in Cambodia
  • Libraries stocked with new titles each year
  • Provide CFC’s library training to teachers regionally

Our Impact This Year

  • Students


  • Schools


  • Cost to Educate a Child


  • Meals Served


  • Toothbrushes Provided


  • Education Center
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