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What We Do

Life Skills Education

Music & Life Skills

The Life Skills program at CFC schools expands the Cambodian curriculum by offering a variety of subjects that build children’s skills. Students learn from teachers and volunteers in classrooms and at a dedicated building on the Aranh Sakor High School campus. Subjects include agriculture, electrical, plumbing, bike repair, leadership, art, music, sports, and more. This program builds leadership, motor skills, and creativity as well as technical skills that are useful in the job market.

How do we this?

  • Student Councils build leadership, initiative and presentation skills
  • Music Program introduces students to instruments, teaches them and provides practice space
  • Agriculture curriculum and hands-on opportunities
  • Sports Program provides fields and courts, nets, balls, and uniforms for PE class, practice, and tournaments
  • Dedicated Life Skills curriculum teaches work skills and encourages students to develop and manage their own skill sets

Seeing Results

  • Performances at all CFC ceremonies
  • Student Council conferences and presentations
  • Harvests yield vegetables for sale and for use in CFC’s Food for Thought program
  • Sharing new skills with families and throughout the community

Goals for the Future

  • Music programs at every CFC school
  • Fine Arts instruction across visual arts at every CFC campus
  • Hosting student Council conferences hosted with schools outside of CFC
  • Pilot micro-enterprise program with produce harvested from CFC gardens
  • Community volunteers in every Life Skill program

Our Impact This Year

  • Students


  • Schools


  • Cost to Educate a Child


  • Meals Served


  • Toothbrushes Provided


  • Education Center
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