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What We Do

Gender Equity

Gender Equity

Girls Matter! is changing lives for girls and their communities at CFC schools. In Cambodia, school enrollment for girls decreases in higher grade levels. Gender Equity education is keeping more girls in school.

Social attitudes toward gender are a substantial factor in inequity, as is economics. Staying home to accomplish chores and caring for younger siblings contributes to the home, whereas a girl in school costs the family money for transportation, books, supplies, and uniforms. A significant dropout trend begins around sixth grade. Girls’ lack of education correlates with ongoing poverty, lack of self-determination, and vulnerability to abuse and exploitation. CFC’s Gender Equity Program is breaking this cycle!

How do we do this?

  • Counselors at junior and senior high schools for girls and boys
  • Introduction to teacher training on gender issues
  • College and career preparation support for girls
  • On-campus privacy and proper sanitation (washrooms)
  • Girls and boys join together for Gender Equity classes
  • Private classroom/office where counselors discuss problems keeping students from learning/attending
  • Home visits to discuss issues with parents
  • Community presentations for both fathers and mothers regarding the importance of educating their daughters
  • Annual Gender Equity celebration

Seeing Results

  • Our schools are 50% male and 50% female overall
  • CFC’s supportive programs reduce the ‘cost of sending girls to school (food, uniforms, bikes, supplies)
  • Girls transition from primary to secondary school at a rate of nearly 100%
  • CFC secondary school girls drop-out rate is continually decreasing and currently at 6%
  • Our partners at the Ministry of Education point to our schools as the model

Goals for the Future

  • Girls transition from 6th to 7th grade at close to 100%
  • Girls graduate 12th grade and go on to higher education and / or employment at a higher rate year to year
  • Gender equity informs lesson planning in all subjects
  • Parents and communities increasingly value girls’ education

Our Impact This Year

  • Students


  • Schools


  • Cost to Educate a Child


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  • Toothbrushes Provided


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