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CFC Delivers Emergency Food Aid to 330 Families

A huge thank you to our amazing, caring donors who provided emergency food to our most vulnerable families this month as a Covid outbreak forced lockdowns and the loss of income to so many who were already struggling to make ends meet. While our mission is first to educate, we are a family — from our supporters to our staff, to the community we serve — and we step up when members of that family need us. Your generosity enabled us to provide the poorest 330 families in our community with a 15-day supply of food until government help or other aid organizations arrived in Siem Reap. Each family received a $24.85 basic food package that included 55 pounds of rice, 10 cans of fish, and 1 bottle of fish sauce. The CFC team worked with local food suppliers and distributed the food to our grateful families.

As we say in Cambodia, Aukun (អរគុណ)!

Our Impact This Year

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