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What's New at CFC?

CFC is touching the lives of children across Cambodia every day, providing hope for the future through education. Across the world, our volunteers and supporters are making our work possible and changing the lives of people they may never meet. Here we share the stories of our work, our staff and students, and our amazing volunteers and supporters.

These stories illustrate true "Orange Moments."


Caring for Cambodia is seeking dedicated young professionals who wish to make a difference in the lives of children in Cambodia. The CFC Young Professionals Advisory Council is forming now!

Samnag began the academic year with the end of his school days and the beginning of a bright new future just over the horizon.

He couldn’t anticipate the closure of schools nationwide, which threatened to derail his plans. Neither could CFC and his teachers, but they, like Samnag, refuse to let anything stand in the way of success.

Jamie thanks supporters for supporting CFC's special summer campaign. While many NGOs are closing their doors, CFC is rolling up its sleeves but we can only succeed with your help.

An update on the schools in Siem Reap and the importance of your support in the lives of the children and communities who depend on Caring for Cambodia's schools.

Thida Kim came to the United States in 2017 from Siem Reap to study for dual degrees in Project Management and Human Service Studies from Elon University. Thida was excited to return home this summer and work with Caring for Cambodia to impact students in her country, seeking an education and improving their lives. 

Then, Covid-19 arrived and changed the world we all live in. Thida and CFC are working together in real-time to form an internship, which allows her to make an impact and learn from her campus home in North Carolina. This is the second installment of a blog written by Thida detailing her experiences!

Schools closed due to Covid-19 threatened to derail nearly two decades of work to bring education to Cambodia but CFC teachers are meeting the challenge and keeping their kids engaged. Years of teacher training conducted by volunteers and schools from Singapore and across the world plus CFC's commitment to Cambodian teachers and leaders resulted in an amazing ability to pivot to distance learning.

Siem Reap native Thida Kim, a rising senior at Elon University, was all set to work with CFC in her hometown this summer. Then Covid-19 turned the whole upside down but she and CFC are finding ways to make her internship a valuable experience for them both.

CFC knows education brings hope and a future for the children at its schools but our Food for Thought program often makes the most immediate impact on the lives of the more than 6,800 students at our schools. Covid-19 interrupted our ability to provide urgently needed nutrition to our students but last month we got back to providing vital nutrition to the communities we serve.

In the three months since Cambodia ordered classrooms to shut their doors, a thick layer of the dust has settled across desks and brightly colored classrooms once filled with the sounds of learning and laughter have fallen silent.

Recently, however, the schools are buzzing with energy and optimism.

Each June, students across Singapore happily trade their school uniforms for more casual wear and begin putting away their backpacks and prepping for summer vacation.

Often the ones who benefit the most are students at our schools. In Cambodia, students are required to wear blue and white uniforms but the cost of even a single outfit can be prohibitive for many families.  In fact, uniforms are frequently cited as a significant barrier to education for children in our community, and CFC is dedicated to making sure a child's education is not interrupted due to lack of appropriate clothing. 

Sometimes, with all the great news about what is happening with Caring for Cambodia, it can be hard to make sure you don't miss what is happening right here in Singapore!

Caring for Cambodia is excited to welcome Ryan Chin to its board of directors. Ryan is a dynamic businessman and philanthropist dedicated to bringing education to children in need.

Sivoun’s Caring for Cambodia journey stretches from a fourth-grade girl dedicated to changing her life through education to that of an adult who now uses her education to continue building hope for her village and her nation as a computer teacher at the CFC high school she once attended.

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